Helo, gys today I m going to explain about Aniline, Aniline Structure, Aniline Formula Which is mostly used in chemical industries and more.

About Aniline

Aniline is a aromatic amines and it is mostly used textile industry, rubber industries and chemicals industries. Other used of it is making Aniline black dye with help of some important chemicals. and aniline is also gives indigo dye with the help of some process and mostly indigo dye is used for dyeing of denim jeans or denim goods. this are the basic information.

The IUPAC name is Aniline but systematic IUPAC name is benzenamine. In other words it is also known as Benzamine, Aminobenzene and it are very colourless to yellow liquid. The basic formula of aniline is C6H5NH2 and the chemical formula is C6H7N.

It gives aniline black dye and indigo dye for dyeing of denims apparels in textile industry. it is a class of aromatic amines. this is also used for dye industry. The basic structure is indicate both phynyl group and amino group (NH2) are attached. It has 6 carbon atoms, 7 hydrogen atoms and 1 nitrogen atom.

Aniline Black

Aniline black dye is produced by the oxidation of aniline (HCL).

Some important oxidising agent are mostly used in this process.

1. Chromic acid

2. Potassium Bicarbonate

3. Ferrocynicle of potassium

Manufacturer process

First off all prepared the solution with the help of some recipe


• Aniline HCL – 40 parts

• Potassium chloride – 20 parts

• Copper sulphate -. 40 parts

• Chloride of ammonia – 10 parts

• Warm water at (60°C) – 500 parts

Manufacturing process

Aniline Hydrochloride




Warm water at 60° F


Rest for few days


Perfect Black dye produced ( which are use for dyeing in textile industries).

Dyeing process

First padding in aniline salt


Oxidised potassium ferrosynite


Dry – steaming


Treated with dichloride


Aniline black shade produced

Process sequence

Take fabric


Fabric are throughly washed with hot water.


Impreged in solution for 1-2 hours in cold liquor where 1 part of solutions + 4 parts of dye is used.


Sqauering the fabric


Dry the materials

Anilinle Properteis

1. Aniline is slightly soluble in water

2. It is a liquid substance.

3. It is Colourless to yellow liquid.

4. density is 1.0297 g/ml

5. Melting point is 6.3°C (20.7°F,266.8k)

6. Boiling point is 184.13°C (363.43°F,457.28k)

7. It is also know as Benzenamine.

8. The basic formula of aniline is C6H5NH2.

9. It is used for makeing verity of dyes.

9. Indigo dye is makeing from aniline and this indigo dye are mostly used for dyeing of denims apparels.

Aniline Structure

Aniline is slightly soluble in water. it is a liquid at room temperature. it consists of a benzene ring (C6H5) attached to an amino group (NH2). It is a oily and Colourless to yellow and it is ignites quickly, burning with the help of smoke flame. aniline is used to make Different dyes such as indigo dye which is used for dyeing of denim fabric. It is a liquid substance and it is colourless to yellow. It is also known as Aminobenzene. It is also used for making Verity of dyes, vocalisation of rubber, resin and other products such as agriculture chemicals, synthetic dyes.

The structure is devided two steps such as,

1. In case of structure, 6 carbon atoms, 5 Hydrogen atoms, 1 Nitrogen atoms are completely attached together.

2. In the case of aniline structure, the first stage is phenyl group (C6H5). In this stage 6 carbon atoms and 5 Hydrogen atoms are to attached together but the second stage is known as amino group (NH2). and both are connected together, This is the basic structure of C6H5NH2.

Aniline Formula

The basic formula of anilineis indicated C6H5NH2. this are the basic formula.

In case of C6H5NH2 formula, 6 carbon atoms, 5 Hydrogen atoms are connected together and amino groups also be attached.

In other words, C6H5 is called phenyl group and NH2 is called amino group and both are to be connected together. It is slightly soluble in water and the basic or most important uses in rubber industries, textile industry, dye industry.

It is given indigo dye which is used in textile industry for dyeing of denim materials. Some other dyes is also to be used in textile industry such as reactive dyeing, Vat dyeing, basic dyeing and more. In india many industry is used indigo dye for denim fabric and other dye is also be used for denim fabric.

Aniline Molecular weight

The molar mass of (C6H5NH2) is 93.1265 g/mole.

weight and moles

Compound, – C6H5NH2

moles, – 1

Weight , g – 93.1265 g/moles

These are the measurements process which is find the 1 moles is equal to 93.1265 gram per moles.

And now I m going to explain about atomic mass, atoms, and mass% for three elements such as Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen.

Molecular weight and molar mass

molecular weight – Mass of one molecule of a substance and is indicated atomic mass units.

molar mass – mass of one mole of a substance and is indicated in g/mole, it’s means (grams per mole).

Finding molar mass with the help of units of grams per mole (g/mole)

• When calculating molecular weight of chemical compound.

• First off all determine how many grams are in one mole of that substance, first take weight in atomic mass units of all atoms from given formula.

Aniline to phenol

In this process, first C6H5NH2 is react with the presence of NaNO2/HCl at 0.5°C. then after reaction new product has come, this is called diazonium ions.

And again diazonium ions react with the presence of water H2O at 433k. After reaction phenol product are produced. This is the simple process to make an phenol.

Aniline from nitrobenzene

Here, there are two steps is required for making an C6H5NH2 product from nitrobenzene.

First step….

seconds step……

Here, i m going to explain about reaction how to get aniline product from nitrobenzene. In this process is required two steps,

In first step (reaction), benzene is reacts with presence of conc H2So4/ conc HNO3 at 40°C then nitrobenzene product are given.

In second steps (reaction), this product means, nitrobenzene product are also react with the presence of Sn/ conc HCl or excess NaOH then simply aniline product is given. This is the simple process to make an nitrobenzene.


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