Sulphur Dyeing process, dyeing Of Cotton with Sulphur dye(new update content)

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Sulphur dye process

Sulphur dye process
Sulphur dye process

• Sulphur dye are more profitable and valuable for cellulose fibres.
• Sulphur dyes have ability to produce deep shade products. Sulphur dyes is also use for printing.
• Dyes are insoluble in water.
• Alkaline PH (10-11) is required for Sulphur dyeing.
• Some useful chemicals is required for improvement light fastness such as dye fixing agent or more.

• Sulphur dye having ability to produced heavy materials such as rubber materials or more.

• Wool and proteins fibres production is not possible for dyeing. 

• Sulphur dyes having not ability to produce other colour shade such as red, orange, yellow.

• Sulphur dye is used for, cotton fabric dyeing, and denim fabric dyeing also.

• Sulphur dyes is more suitable and profitable dyes for cellulose.

• Sulphur dyes are more popular for black and brown shade production.

Sulphur dye properties

– Sulphur dyes are insoluble in water.
– Sulphur dyes have no afinity for textile cellulose fibres.
– Sulphur dyes are converted to leuco form before dyeing with the help of dilute aqueous (na2s).
– This leuco form is used for dyeing of cellulose materials.
– Sulphur dyes develop s-s linkage in chemical structure.
– Sulphur dyes are produced black and brown shade.
– Sulphur dyes are used and it’s give great results in case of different types of textile printing.

– Sulphur dyes are insoluble in water.

– Sulphur dyeing is favourable cost structure.

– Alkaline condition is required for dyeing.

– Sulphur dyeing is one of the most popular for black, brown and blue shade production.

– Sulphur dyes are not more costly process.

– electrolyte is used for exhaust dyes.

– After treatment is required for shade development.

– oxidation treatment is required for shade development in case of Sulphur dyeing.

– Striping is required for uneven dyeing.

– Sulphur dyes is also used for dyeing and printing.