Yarn Dyeing process | Yarn Dyeing Process Flow Chart


Helo, reders welcome to “textilesgreen.in” today I m going to explain about process of yarn dyeing and yarn dyeing process flow chart.

What is yarn dyeing process?

Yarn dyeing is also a part of textile dyeing.

Yarn dyeing is carried out before converting yarn into fabric.

Dye solutions is easy to absorbed the fiber in the core of the yarn.

In this process, first yarn is dyed then make fabric with the help of weaving process.

Yarn dyed materials is used for making fabric with different designs, such as checks design, striped types design.

This types of design is windly use for shirt production.

What is Yarn dyeing process?

Here, I m going to explain about process of yarn dyeing.

The yarn dyeing process is also work like a fabric dyeing process. In case of fabric dyeing, pretreatment is required before dyeing.

In same way, pretreatment is required before yarn dyeing.

Therefore, pretreatment is required for both cases Yarn  or fabric. But yarn dyeing is carried out with package form.

In many textile industry follow this method for yarn dyeing.

this is a one of the most important methods for yarn dyeing.

Dyed yarns are used for woven fabric, making sweaters and more.

In case of process of yarn dyeing, first off all scouring is done.

Then bleaching is done for improving whiteness or softness. then yarn will be dyed.

After, yarn dyed materials is going to finishing department then finishing is done.