Cuso4 copper sulfate is an inorganic compound.

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What is CuSO4?

Copper sulfate is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula CuSO4. the older name of this compound is copper(ii)sulfate. it is also called the vitriol of copper and blue stone. it is blue in colour. It is use in textile dyeing and chemical industry. it has also a common basic form, the another form of copper sulfate is cuso4 5h2o (pentahydrate).

CuSO4 (Copper Sulfate)

Copper sulfate is an inorganic compound. the chemical formula of copper sulfate is cuso4. this compound is look like a blue colour. It also refereed as vitriol of copper, blue stone.

the another chemical name of copper sulfate is copper(ii)sulfate. but this is the oldest name of copper sulfate. the other form of copper sulfate is cuso4 5h2O. this is called pentahydrate copper sulfate. these are the most common form of copper sulfate.

For example;

Pentahydrate (Anhydrates copper sulfate)

these are the most common form of cuso4. the chemical formula of this compound is cuso4. 5h2o. Pentahydrate is also called Anhydrates copper sulfate. it is also called “copper (ii) sulfate“. this Pentahydrate in one type of compound in which it has five molecules of water. it is windly use as a fungicide and agriculture Department. it is also use as a antimicrobial.

In this case, there is no crystallization of water is persent. that is called anhydrates copper sulfate. it is look like as a white colour or white powder. if anhydrates copper sulfate is mixed with water and heat then it is start slowly evaporated. Almost water molecules are evaporated but some molecules are make bond with copper sulfate. it make bond such as, cuso4.5h2o. this phenomenon is called water of crystallization or other words it is know as pentahydrate (cuso4.5h2o). It is blue in colour.

Why Cuso4 turn white when heated?- the salt of copper sulfate is blue in colour. but when the copper sulfate (cuso4) are heated then it is change in colour to white from blue. because loses its water molecules. therefore, it is given white in colour as a product.

the anhydrous copper sulfate, cuso4 molecules has an ionic bond whereas strong acid h2so4 has also a ionic bond. but in case of copper sulfate,It is created between metal cu and non metal so4. because charge of copper cation cu(2+) and charge of sulfate anion so4 (2-) is different. therefore, the results is given ionic bond.

Cuso4 structure

copper sulfate structure

Cuso4 properties

Now, we will discuss about the physical property and chemical property in this subsection. the physical properties of anhydrous cuso4 is given below,

Physical properties
  1. the formula of copper sulphate is Cuso4.
  2. The anhydrous copper sulphat has molar mass 159.609 g/cm3 whereas, the pentahydrate has molar mass 249.685 g/cm3.
  3. the anhydrous copper sulfate has density 3.6 g/cm3.
  4. the copper sulfate has maintain melting point 110°C
  5. the anhydrous copper sulfate are soluble in water.
  6. the anhydrous copper sulfate tend to decompose on heat. hence, it has is no properly address for boiling point. But it decompose to cupric oxide at 650°C.
  7. the anhydrous copper sulfate is look like off white solid.
  8. the copper sulfate has pH level – 4.58.
  9. Appearance of copper sulfate is look like white crystal.
  10. Appearance of Pentahydrate is look like 🔵 blue colour.
Chemical properties
  1. when Anhydrates copper sulfate cuso4. 5h2o is heated at temperature 230°C then it will loses or removed all water of crystallization. and result white powder is formed. In other word white amorphous is given. reaction is given below.

Cuso4 .5h2o { 230°C/heat } – Cuso4 + 5h2O


Cuso4. 5h2O – Blue in colour / crystalline

Cuso4 – White Amorphous

2. When copper sulfate is react with high excess ammonia (nh3) it make a complex. Or in other word when copper sulfate will pass with excess of ammonia and results it is given complex. and reaction with ammonia is given below.

Cuso4 + NH3 – [ cute (NH3)4 ] so4


Cuso4 – copper sulfate

NH3 – ammonia

[ cu(NH3)4 ] so4 – tetra ammonia copper (2) sulfate.

3. Copper sulfate is highly soluble in water. it has high solubility value of 1.055 molal ate 10°and 1.502 molal ate 30°.

4. When iron (fe) react with copper sulfate then it is given feso4 as a product. the equation of this reaction is,

fe + cuso4 – feso4 + cu

This reaction is express about single displacement reaction.

Yes, it is true – that reaction is really single displacement reaction because in this reaction one matel are displace to another and in this reaction it is given feso4 as a product. therefore, this reaction is called single displacement reaction.

Electrolysis of copper sulfate

Electrolysis of cuso4 is one type of process in which when direct current are apply then aq copper sulfate are break with (cu2+) + (so4-) and water are break with (H+) + (OH-) .

cuso4, electrolysis of copper sulfate
electrolysis of copper sulfate


first off all, take one cell/tank. Put down the solution of electrolyte of cuso4 aq in tank. two electrode is put down in solution tank. Where, one is positive electrode. this is called anode and another is negative electrode. this is called cathode. this electrode are made with platinum/graphite. and this process is done on the inert electrodes.

When (D.C) direct current is apply then the copper sulfate are start breaking and then it make cu2+ and so4- and water molecules are also break with H+ + (OH-). this is called electrolysis of aq cuso4.

In this process the copper sulfate and water are break, this is know as dissociation of aq cuso4.

Cuso4 – cu2+ + so4-

In this process, cathode deposition copper sulfate metal.

Where as, water are break according to this form,

H2o – H+ + OH-

in this process, different particles ans ions are present such as,

Particle – cu2+, H+ , so4-, OH- and H2O

Ions – cu2+ , H+ , so4-, OH-

in this process, cu2+ are below (H+) ion in the series thus cu2+ ion discharge in the preference to H+ and it is form neutral copper atoms

Cu2+ + 2e- – cu

copper atom deposit on cathode (balance equation)

4 OH – + 4e- – 4OH

2OH + 2OH – 2h2O + O2

copper sulfate cuso4 is blue in colour but

Three main important observation;

  1. pink metal deposit.
  2. Mass of cathode is increases with proper deposition.
  3. Decreasing cu in aq solution of cuso4 then blue colour of solution fade away.

Uses of copper sulfate

  1. the copper sulfate is uses as a mordent in textile apperal dyeing. It mean copper sulfate is one type of mordent in which used for the proper fixation of colur to the fabric. this mordent improve bonding to the fabric for fixation. it is chemically bounded to the fabric. copper sulfate is an inorganic compound.
  2. When the copper sulfate is mixed with milk of lime to kill the fungus and molds. if the apply the mixture of copper sulfate + milk of lime for removing the fungus and molds.
  3. copper sulfate is also used for low ammount of electric produce. It is windly uses for generation of low power of electric.
  4. copper sulfate is also uses for vegetable dyeing process for proper fixation. it is chemically bound tor the fabric. it is given proper fixation to the fabric.
  5. It is also used for protection of printed paper.
  6. copper sulfate is an inorganic compound in which it is uses in chemical and also use in electric industry.
  7. Copper sulfate is uses in large scale of textile industry, and chemical industry.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How to prepared copper sulfate (cuso4)?

Copper sulfate is an inorganic chemical compound with the formula cuso4. it is prepared by chemical lab. when copper oxide is mixed with sulphuric acid then it is given copper sulfate as a product. it is used for textile dyeing process, chemical process. It is also use for removing fungus.

2. What is the resion for cuso4 is acidic in nature?

Yes, cuso4 copper sulfate is acidic in nature because when cuso4 dissolved in water then what will happen? It is clear with the help of following reaction,

Cuso4 + 2H2o – CuOH2| + H2So4

In this reaction, sulphuric acid make strong minral acid. According to this it make proper acidity.

3. What is the uses of copper sulfate in textile industry?

the actually uses of copper sulfate in textile industry is, it is required at the time of dyeing fabric. It is use as a fixing agent and other word it is use as a mordent because mordent mean, it give proper fixation on fabric. and it make chemical bond to the fabric and give proper dyeing and sutable shade or colour.

4. In case electrolysis of cuso4 what is the inert electrodes?

Electrolysis of copper sulfate, the inert electrodes is,

cu2+ + 2e- – cu


cu – at cathode and


OH – 4e- + 4OH

2OH + 2HO – 2H2O + 2O2

O + O – O2


o2 – at anode