Cyanic acid is an unstable and it is a liquid acid.

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What is cyanic acid?

It is a liquid acid. it is an unstable to decompose. it is volatile in nature. it is windy use for the preparation of cyanate compound. HCNO is hydrolyzed in water and it give ammonia and carbon dioxide as a product. It is isometric with fulminic acid. the chemical formula of cyanic acid is HCNO in whic oxygen atom is pronated. generally, this acid is used in chemical industry.

Cyanic Acid Properties

  1. HCNO acid are available in liquid acid. It is an unstable.
  2. it is form cyanuric acid.
  3. It is in acrid odour.
  4. Chemical formula of this acid is HCNO.
  5. Melting point is 86°.
  6. Boiling point is 760 23.5°
  7. Pka value of HCNO is pk (20°) 3.66
  8. Density is d420 1.140


  1. the main uses of HCNO is the formation of some cyanates product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. The ph of 0.1m solution of cyanic acid (HCNO) is 2.34. Calculate the ionization constant of the acid and its degree of ionisation in the solution?



Where, HCNO – 0.1m

At equilibrium

HCNO – [ H+ ] + [ CNO-]

0.1 – x x x


Find the degree of ionisation;

But first you find the value of [H+]

-log [H+] = 2.34

H+ = 10 k power 2.34

x = 4.57 × 10-3

Now, degree of ionisation is

= 4.57 × 10-3/0.1

= 4.57 × 10-2

Degree of ionisation = 0.0457.

Therefore, degree of ionisation is 0.0457.