What is Cyanuric Chloride?

Syanuric chloride is, to improve reactivity of dye as weas reaction condition. it improved dyeing function and it give more growthing for even dyeing process.

What is cyanuric chloride?

syanuric´╗┐ chloride
Chemical structure

Syanuric chloride plays an important role in deciding the reactivity of dye and reaction condition.

reactive dyes belonging to chlorotriazine class, may have either 2 Cl or 1 Cl atom in the molecule. 2 Cl atom containing dyes are so highly reactive that they are dyed in cold.

Hence, you know that, they are called as in chemistry language is, cold brand reactive dye therefore their names contains the latter is ‘ C ‘ for example – (Goldazol C)

Dyes containing 1 Cl atom are sluggish and the dye solution have to be heated to increase their reactivity. thus, they are called as hot brand reactive dyes and their name have the popular latter is ‘ H ‘. For example – ( procion H). this is the syanuric chloride importants.

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