Complete the Mechanism for the electrophilic addition

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first you to know about electrophile,

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What is electrophile?

it is one type of addition reaction in which electrophile attack firstly and then Neuclophile attack, this is called electrophile.

For example:-

what is electrophile

Electrophilic addition mechanism;

this is one type of addition reaction in which electrophile attached firstly then neuclophile attached, this is called electrophile addition reaction.

electrophilic addition mechanism

in this case of electrophile addition mechanism, it is clear that with above reaction, firstly electrophile (HBr) attached, and then nueclophile attached.

So, we can say that electrophilic addition mechanism indicates two attack, first attack is called electrophilic attack and second attack is know as nueclophile attack.

– Short the following compound by their reactivity toward electrophilic aromatic substitution?

electrophilic aromatic substitution
electrophilic aromatic substitution

– Rank the following structure in order of decreasing electrophilic strength?

electrophilic addition mechanism

– Give the expected mejor product(s) of the following aromatic substitutions reaction?

electrophilic addition mechanism
Organic product

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