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Full Form Of pH in chemistry

The Full form of pH in chemistry is,

Potential of hydrogen

pH is also denoted “power of hydrogen“.


P = potential (power)

H = hydrogen ion

the main role of pH is to determine hydrogen ion concentration in a solution. it is also determine acidity, neutral or basicity of solutions.

The pH scale values ranges is as follows:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

• pH 1 – it is highly acidic

• pH 14 – it is highly basic

• below pH 7 – it is acidity

• pH 7 – it is Neutral

• above pH 7 – it is basicity

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Basic Concept of pH

In 1990, sorenson is found the basic concept of pH scale, in order to report such small concentration of H + ion, We know that ph is also called “Potential Of Hydrogen”.

The basic Concept of PH is to determine acidic and basic nature of chemicals or solutions. it is measured in the form of H+ ions concentration. it is easily find the values of acidity or basicity of solution with the help of electronic equipment or pH paper.

pH papper is also be used to find the pH value. you can’t find the value of acidity or basicity of solution without pH.

pH is mostly required in textile industries. pH value should be fixed before dyeing of textile materials. but different dye required different pH value. dyeing of textiles goods is carried out with acidic medium, basic medium and neutral medium.

For example;

Reactive dyeing – high pH is required for dyeing.

Direct dyeing – high pH is required for dyeing.

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pH Scale

What is the Concept of pH scale (acidity, Neutral and basicity).

pH scale

pH scale to measure concentration of H+ ion in a solution.

ph scale is one type of scale in which it is specify the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution.

We know that, acidity solution have lower ph then basic or alkaline solution.

the main role of ph scale is to determine concentration of hydrogen ion in the solution.

We know the ph value on ph scale varies from O to 14.

You know that, Acidity and basicity both are identified on pH scale,

Acidity means – pH below 7 it mean (pH 0 to 6)

Neutral means, – pH should be 7

basicity above 7 it means 7 to 14 this pH is called basicity. then it is used in textile wet processing for fabric dyeing process. acidity means – acid compounds. and basicity means – basic compounds.

• Acidity pH – low pH ( below 7)

• Neutral pH – medium pH ( pH 7)

• basicity pH – high pH (above 7)

The main Function of pH is disinfection, water softness to be control. and pH is also required for any type of biological treatment of wast water. the pH of Water should be 6.5 to 8.5 and pH is easy to identified, acidic, basic and Neutral in water based solution.

pH of Acid and base

As, we know that with above explanation, pH value varying 0 to 7 on ph scale. it is denoted as acidic solution.

If ph value ranging from 7 to 14 on ph scale. it is denoted as basic solution.

If ph value equal to 7 on ph scale. it is denoted as neutral solution.

the acid and base intensity depends upon the number of H+ and OH – ion produced.

Relationship between pH and PoH

[H+] [OH-] = Kw

If take log Or multiple with log then, you can write the equation,

log H+ + log OH – = log Kw

[-logH+] + [-log oH-] = -log Kw

So, you can write this equation,

PH + PoH = Pkw


Pkw = PH + Pkw


Pkw = 14

pH meter

Full form of ph

• pH meter is one of the types of electric machine device.

This machine is used to proper measurement of Hydrogen ions (H+) activity such as Acidity/alkalnity in water based solution.

This electric machine device consists of a voltmeter attached to a electrode. and this voltmeter gives proper measurement of Hydrogen ions in solution.

• This machine is mostly used in chemical laboratory for measure of Hydrogen ions activity.

pH meter uses

• Take about 200ml of the sample in glass beaker.

• Take pH meter for testing, first off all insert the pH meter in water based solution then pH meter machine turn ON and take reading from pH meter screen.

• This is the very simple method to easily identify pH range from this pH meter machine.

pH papper and pH paper full form

ph paper

pH papper is to be identified, if solution is acidic, basic, and Neutral. this is known as pH paper. and ph paper full form. ph stands potential of hydrogen, it refers hydrogen ion concentration in a solution.

This is identified by dipping part of the pH papper in to solution. when the pH papper is dipped in the water-(H2O) based solution for checking value of pH then its colour will Chang after this process. But it is depend upon colour code.

• If the pH papper (ph paper full form) turns a dark greenise-blue after process, the pH may be around 11-14.

• This is the simple process for identifying the pH level with the help of pH papper.

• In this figure, all colours code is given. it is clear to show about colour code. this is the reason it is easy to identified pH value with the help of pH papper.

Litmus paper explanation

Litmus paper is also one type of techniques to determine acidic, neutral, and alkaline. You can understand with the following vedio.

We will provide a valuable information regarding litmus paper. So, watch complete vedio.

Litmus paper

frequently Asked Question

1. What is value of ph for the following terms?

(a) ph of milk – 6.5 to 6.7

(b) Normal water – 6.5 to 8.5

(c) Lemen juice – 2

(d) cola, bear, vineger – 3

2. Who invented the ph and proper meaning of ph?

Soren Sorenson” are invented the ph in 1909. and the actual meaning of ph is, power or strength of hydrogen and in other words, power of hydrogen is same as “potential of hydrogen”. Acidity of water is find out with the help of ph.

3. What is a ph 0 and ph 7, give short answer?

Ph 0 – (very acidity), high construction of hydrogen ions.

Ph 7 – (Neutral solution), equal construction of hydrogen ions

4. What is the main important of ph?

the basic Important of ph is,

  1. pH is helped to find out the actually chemical conditions of a solution.
  2. pH is helped to control the nutrients, biological function, microbial present in solution.
  3. pH is helped to find out the actual nature of chemical.
  4. pH is helped to know powerful or weak hydrogen particle in solution
  5. pH is helped to find out the construction of hydrogen ions in substance.
  6. pH gives acidity or basicity of aqueous or liquid solution.

5. What is pH of drinking water?

Many researcher, are recommend the pH level of drinking water range from 6.5 to 8.5 on the scale that ranges from 0 to 14. but the best pH value of drinking water is 7. the pH of tap water should be 6.5 to 9.5

7. How to Boiling water neutralize pH?

If you boil water then at that time hydrogen ions concentration and hydroxide ions concentration increases. because of heat or boiling. it meant that if increases in hydrogen ions concentration, in this conditions the value of pH automatically decrease from 7 to 6.4