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What is molar mass?

h2o molar mass
find the molar mass of h20

It is define as the mass of sample of that chemical compound divided by the amount of substance in that sample. this phenomenon is called molar mass.

It is measured in moles.

the molar mass of element it can represent gram atomic mass.

the molar mass of compound it can represent gram molecular mass.

If you want to find the Molar mass of chemical compound, such as h2o then you can follow this process.

the relative atomic mass of an element expressed in gram is called gram atomic mass.

For example;

Gram atomic mass of oxygen is = O = 16g

The relative atomic mass of an compound expressed in grams is called gram molecular mass.

For example;

O+O = 16+16 = 32 g

Where, O = oxygen

H+O+H = 1+16+1= 18g

Where, H = Hydrogen and O= oxygen

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You can understand easily with the help of following structure.

molar mass of h2o
h20 molar mass

You know,

1 unit of hydrogen = one atoms of hydrogen.

1 gram of hydrogen = one mole of hydrogen.


Value of 1 gram of hydrogen is = 6.022×10 rase power of 23.


About H2O (water)

18 units = one molecule of water

18 gram = one moles of water.

You know that units is much smaller then grams.

Find the molecular mass of h2o (h2O molar mass)

Find the molecular mass of h2o with the following basic information.

Such as,

First of all, You know that,

atomic mass of hydrogen = 1

atomic mass of oxygen = 16

Where, H= Hydrogen or O = oxygen.

In this chemical compound, it has two atom of Hydrogen and one atom of oxygen is present.

So, two Hydrogen = H2= 1+1 = 2.

Where, atomic mass of hydrogen= 1

But here, two Hydrogen is persent in h2o.

So, 1+1 = 2 or multiple by 2, in both cases, it will same meaning. and one oxygen is persent in h20.

it mean, O= oxygen, atomic mass of O = 16


Atomic mass of oxygen is 16

So, For determine the molar mass of h20 add both atomic mass.

Now, atomic mass of h20 = 1+1+16 = 18 gram

So, molar mass of h2o is = 18 gram.

The molar mass of chemical compound is represente by gram molecular mass.

So, it is represente by “Gram

the final result is,

Molar Mass of h2o is 18 gram.

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