h2so4, sulphuric acid is a strong acid. it is one type of minral acid.

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What is h2so4?

Sulphuric acid is a strong acid in which it work as a dehydrating agent and Oxidizing agent. Sulphuric acid is highly acidic in nature , it is one type very popular strong acid and minral acid. this type of acid is used in large scale in chemical industry. the chemical formula of sulphuric acid is H2SO4.

H2SO4, (Sulfuric Acid)

Here, we will discuss about strong acid, like h2so4. If i am talking about strong acid, i think the best strong acid and more useful strong acid is h2so4. they are windly uses in chemical industry for chemical synthesis and also windly use in textile industry.

Sulphuric acid are work as a dehydrating agent. it has very good Oxidizing agent. sulphuric acid are highly acidic in nature.

H2SO4 is said to act as an acid, an oxidizing agent and dehydrating agent”.

Sulphuric acid is use in wind range of chemical industry as well as textile industry. it is use for many different testing purpose and different chemical synthesis.

In many chemical industry or chemical reaction, sulphuric acid work as a dehydrating agent and oxidizing agent. But actually what is mean by dehydrating agent. Here, we will discuss about this,

dehydrating agent – the meaning of dehydrating agent is absorbed water molecules and produce heat. you know that sulphuric acid is a strong acid it has more ability to absorbed water and ability to produce heat.

For example;


acidic property – when sulphuric acid react with base then it give salt and water. Sulphuric acid has acidic property. these are the best example of acid – base reaction. this type of reaction is called acid-base reaction.

For example;

Acid-base reaction

oxidizing agent – you know that, h2so4, sulphuric acid has oxygen. So you can say that it has ability to release oxygen in another reducing agent.

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H2SO4 Structure

h2so4 structure

If you see carefully, structure of sulphuric acid then it has double bond, H+ ion and it has oxygen.

According to sulphuric acid structure, you can write from the structure of sulphuric acid.

  1. OH bond – 2
  2. H+ ion – 2
  3. Basisity – 2
  4. Oxidation state – +6
  5. No any peroxy bond is present because -1 charge on oxygen.
  6. Hybridization – sp3

H2SO4, sulphuric acid Preparation

there are three steps are required for preparation of sulphuric acid.

First steps;

2SO3 + O2 (presence of V2O5) – 2SO3

When so3 is react with o2 in the presence of v2o5 it make 2SO3.

Second step;

SO3 + h2SO4 – H2S2O7 (alum)

When SO3 is react with sulphuric acid then it make h2s2o7. this product is called alum.

Third step;

H2S2O7 + H2O – 2H2SO4 (2mole)

When alum mixed with water then it make 2 mole of sulphuric acid. In second step reaction we take one mole of sulphuric acid and it give 2 mole of sulphuric acid as a product.

H2SO4 Properties

  1. Formula – H2SO4
  2. Chemical name – sulphuric acid
  3. Molar mass – 98.079 g/mol
  4. Density – 1.83 g/cm3
  5. Boiling point – 337°C
  6. Melting point – 10°C
  7. Colour – colourless liquid
  8. Specific gravity – 1.835
  9. Odor – Odorless
  10. Appearance – clean, colourless liquid


  1. it is used in chemical manufacturing industries
  2. it is widely use in textile industry.
  3. It is used in manufacturing of pigment and paints.
  4. it is used in paper and textile dyeing industries.
  5. It is used in preparation of tri nitro toulene, and other strong acid like hcl, hno3.
  6. It is used as a dehydrating agent.
  7. It is widely used in refining petroleum.
  8. It is used in lead storage batteries.
  9. It is used in tanning of leather, it mean, taning is required before colour of lather. It is used as a cleaning if impurities are persent on the surface of lather.
  10. It is used in fertilizer industry
  11. It is used in pickling.
  12. It is used in the manufacture of important compounds, like Na2CO3, alums.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Name the important strong acid and weak acid?

Strong Acid

  1. Hcl – hydrochloric acid
  2. HBr – hydrobromic acid
  3. H2so4 – sulphuric acid

Weak Acid

Some common example of weak Acid are listed below.

  1. HCOOH – Formic Acid
  2. CH3COOH – Acetic Acid
  3. C6H5COOH – Benzoic Acid
  4. HNO2 – Nitrous Acid

2. What is best example (reaction) for neutralization of sulphuric acid?

the best example for neutralization reaction is, acid-base neutralization reaction. and reaction is,

H2SO4 + NaOH – Na2SO4 + H2O


Na2SO4 – sodium sulphate

H20 – Water

When Acid (H2SO4) is react with base NaOH then it produce salt and water. these are the best reaction for neutralization of sulphuric acid. this is an acid-base reaction ( neutralization reaction) where, NaOH is base and H2SO4 is Acid.

3. What is the role of lime in sulphuric acid?

lime is one type of powerful alkalies, it is windly used for neutralize acids. lime react very fast in different types of acid. For example, strong acid and weak acid. different types of lime is used as a alkalies. Different lime has different neutralizing power, reactivity and more function.

4. What is the uses of sulphuric acid for preparation of chemicals?

sulphuric acid is used in the preparation of large number of other important chemicals such as, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, dyes. sulphuric acid is prepared by the reaction of water with sulfur trioxide.

Other uses of sulphuric acid is, in paper industry, textile industry and lather industry. It is used for colouration of lather material.

it is work as a dehydrating agent and also oxidizing agent in chemical industries. sulphuric acid is called king of chemicals because it is used for manufacturing of large number of different chemicals.