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What is inorganic benzene?

Borazine (Inorganic benzene) is a polar inorganic Compound with the formula B3N3H6. it is called cyclic compound, In this cyclic Compound, three BH units and three NH units is connected alternate. the borazine Compound is isoelectronic and isostructure with benzene.

Borazine is called inorganic benzene. We know that borazine is a polar inorganic Compound. So, it is more reactive whereas benzene is a non polar so they are less reactive.

Borazine structure are created with three B-H bond and NH bond. Borazine structure is cyclic in nature. Borazine is made from electron, so it is called isoelectronic structure. The chemical formula of borazine is B3N3H6

If borazine and benzene both are react with HCl then what will happen?

Inorganic benzene reaction

Ans: suppose, Benzene is react with HCl (hydrochloric acid) result is no reaction.

For example,

C6H6 + HCl – No reaction

whereas, if borazine is react with hydrochloric acid then it give B3N3H9Cl3 compound.

B3N3H6 + 3HCl – B3N3H9Cl3 (compound)

For example,

Inorganic benzene

In this structure, Nitrogen (N) and borone (B) both are hydrolyzes and results sp2 but after reaction hydrolyzes will change from sp2 to sp3. this is the reason borazine is more reactive then benzene.

Structure of inorganic benzene?


We know that inorganic benzene is also denoted with borazine because it is very similar to benzene structure. The main similarity is that, in case of borazine, there are B-H or B-N bond on it. Whereas in case of benzene, there are C-H or C-N bonds on it. and borazine is polar compound so it is more reactive but benzene is non polar so it is less reactive.

We know that, borazine is more reactive compound, it make cyclic structure and it make structure from electron so, it is called isoelectronic structure. borazine is also called isostructure, so it means it is similar to benzene structure so it is called isostructure. This structure is made with the help of B-H and N-H bond.

Inorganic benzene formula?

We know that inorganic benzene is also denoted with borazine. the molecular formula of borazine is B3N3H6.

Properties of inorganic benzene

1. It is colourless liquid with aromatic smell.

2. This compound have cyclic structure.

3. Borazine have B=N (double) or B-N (single bond) but bond length are equal.

4. It make planner cyclic structure.

5. Borazine is more reactive then benzene.

6. In water, it is hydrolyzes to boric acid, ammonia, and hydrogen.

7. Bond length of borazine is 144pm.

8. It make isoelectronic structure

9. Borazine structure is same as benzene.

10. Borazine is also called benzene because both have cyclic structure.

Preparation of inorganic benzene

Borazine was first prepared by Alfred stock and pohland in 1926 by the reaction between diborane and ammonia in 1:2 ratio.

Preparation method of inorganic benzene

First method

Take diborane and ammonia in 1:2 ratio and heat at low temperature then it is given addition product like – B2H6. 2NH3

In other word,

When addition product B2H6. 2NH3 is heated at low temp (200°) a volatile compound inorganic benzene is formed.

3B2H6.2NH3 is heated at 200°c then it is given 2B2NH3H6 + 12 H2. (Only hydrogen is remove).

Second method

It is also prepared with BCl3

When borane trichloride (3BCl3) is react with ammonia chloride then it is given B3N3H3Cl3. After this, this compound are reduction in sodium brohydride. then it is given B3N3H6 + 3HCl

you know that, it is an aromatic compound because it is obey huckel (4n + 2) π electron rule.

Borazine is also prepared with the help of following reaction.

1. When the B2H6 is react with ( in the excess of ammonia) (NH3) then it is directly given borazine (B3N3H6).

Inorganic benzene

2. When 3 LiBH4 + 3NH4Cl, if react then it also give borazine (B3H6N3) and 3LiCl+9h2


Difference between benzene and Inorganic benzene?

Here, I m going to explain about inorganic benzene (borazine).

first off all, we know that Borazine is highly reactive compound. The chemical structure of borazine is more similar to benzene.

Here, i m providing information about similarity between borazine and benzene.

Here, i m going to explain with the help of following structure.

Fig; 1

Structure of inorganic benzene
Structure of borazine


Structure of benzene
Structure of benzene

If you look in both structure, then the first structure is known as borazine and the second structure is known as benzene.

If you look carefully, you will find that there is some similarity in both the structure.

Now lets talk about what is the main difference between borazine and benzene.

There are 6 similarity between borazine and benzene is given.

1.Formula: the molecular formula of borazine is B3H6N3 whereas the molecular formula of benzene is C6H6.

2. Alternate: in borazine structure there are three BH unit and three NH unit are connected. if we talk about borazine then there are B-H or B-N bond on it. Whereas if we talk about benzene then there are C-H or C-N bonds on it.

3. Polar inorganic compound: In this condition, borazine’s B-N bond are polar whereas benzene’s C-C bond are non polar. these are the main difference between them.

If benzene is non polar then benzene is less reactive. Whereas borazine is polar. So they are more reactive.

You know that borazine is more reactive compound. Whereas benzene is less reactive compound.

4. Cyclic structure: borazine or benzene both are made cyclic type structure. So, it is called cyclic structure.

5. Isoelectronic: isoelectronic with benzene, it means that electron are present in both structure.

6. Isostructure: isostructure with benzene, it means, both structure are similar so, it is called isostructure.

This is very important question which compound is more reactive. this question may ask in exam,

which is more reactive compound?

(a) benzene

(b) borazine

The correct answer is borazine.

Now, if you know how much derivatives is in both. if the structure of benzene is observed carefully, so there are 3 derivatives on it.

Question and Answer

1. Which compound is known as inorganic benzene?

The compound is borazine, because borazine is known as inorganic benzene.

2. Molecular formula of inorganic benzene?

The molecular formula of inorganic benzene is B3N3H6.

3. Why borazine is called inorganic benzene?

Borazine is called inorganic benzene. because borazine is a polar inorganic Compound. So, it is more reactive whereas benzene is a non polar so they are less reactive.

4. Inorganic benzene is aromatic or not?

Yes, it is aromatic compound because it it is obey huckel (4n + 2) π electrons rule.

5. Inorganic benzene is polar or non polar?

Yes, It is highly polar molecules whereas benzene is stable non-polar compound. because of the difference in electronegativity between the boron (2.04) and hydrogen (3.04).

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