Intermolecular forces strongest to weakest are ion dipole, hydrogen bonding, dipole-dipole force, and van der wall forces.

Hello, reders today here, we will discuss about the intermolecular forces strongest to weakest.

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Intermolecular forces strongest to weakest?

intermolecular forces strongest to weakest

If i am talking about the sequence of strongest intermolecular forces to weakest intermolecular forces, then

Now, we will discuss about sequence of strongest to weakest intermolecular forces. The strongest intermolecular forces is,

Now, here, we will provide a proper sequence for intermolecular forces strongest to weakest.

1. Ion dipole force

2. Hydrogen bonding

3. Dipole-dipole force

4. Van der waals force

These are sequence for strongest to weakest intermolecular forces.

Now, we will explain for all type of intermolecular forces.

1. Ion dipole (strongest intermolecular forces)

Ion dipole forces are the strongest of the intermolecular forces. it is strongest compare with hydrogen bonding. hydrogen bonding is also a strongest intermolecular forces.

Ion dipole forces is high strongest intermolecular forces compare with hydrogen bonding intermolecular forces.

2. Hydrogen bonding

hydrogen bonding occur when hydrogen are attached with very electronegative atoms such as, nitrogen, oxygen, F. In other words, hydrogen bonding are created when if hydrogen make N-H bonds, N-O bonds or N-F bonds.

You know that hydrogen bonding is strongest intermolecular forces.

3. Dipole-dipole force

Mainly, dipole-dipole force occur polar molecules. dipole-dipole force are attracted between molecules. a partial positive end of one molecules to partial negative end of another molecules.

For example

NH3, HCl

4. Van der wall force

Van dar wall forces is know as weakest intermolecular forces. it is used to determine the intermolecular forces.

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