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NaCl full form

NaCl full form
White crystalline compound
(Sodium chloride)

• The full form of NaCl is “sodium chloride“. Sodium chloride is a white crystalline compound. NaCl (sodium chloride) is an ionic compound and the na and cl ions are in the ratio of 1:1. nacl is also known as white crystalline salt and this crystalline salt is produced from sea water and ocean by evaporation method. and nacl (sodium chloride) is mostly used in chemical industries and textile industries and more. both Na and Cl contribute single atom to make NaCl together. Na (sodium) having an atomic mass is 22.9897 g/mol and Cl (chloride) having an atomic mass is 35.453 g/mol.

Prepration of NaCl

Sodium and chloride is joined together to make a compound or product such as NaCl it means (sodium chloride). We know that NaCl is also called table salt or also called common salt. Here, I m giving one reaction for NaCl.

2Na(s) + Cl2(g) – 2NaCl (s)

(Sodium chloride)

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Properties of NaCl

• NaCl is a white crystalline solid, it is also called white salt or common salt.

• NaCl is rapidly soluble in water.

• Nacl is also called table salt

• The density of NaCl is 2.16 g/ml

• melting point of NaCl is 801°C

• NaCl is decomposed at high temperatures

• NaCl is a stable solid


• NaCl is windly used in manufacturing of Verity of chemicals such as,

• NaCl is also be used in food industry. it is used for manufacturing of Verity of chemicals.

• it is used in rextile dyeing process. It is very important to used in dyeing process, because, without salt (NaCl) dyeing is not possible because it gives uneven dyeing. The main function of salt in the textile wet processing, NaCl gives proper fixation of the dyetuff to the materials. and also good exhaustion of the dye molecules during dyeing.

• NaCl is used in papper industry

• NaCl is windly used in textile industry.


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