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What is nitronium ion?

What is nitronium ion?

Nitronium ion Na2+ is a cation( removel of electron is known as cation). it is created by removel of an electron from the nitrogen dioxide molecule. this cation (NO2+) whichis a strong electrophile, this phenomanon is called nitronium ion.

Nitronium ion

You know that, removel of electrons gives a cation. and addition of an electron gives an anion. but in case of NO2+ ion, it is created removel of electron not addition of electron.

IUPAC name – Dioxidonitrogen(1+).

You know that, what is the name for ion with multiple charge,

For example;

-1 charge is known as anion

+1 charge is known as cation

But in case of multiple charge,

-2 charge is known as dianion

+2 charge is known as dication.

Nitronium ion can be generated by reaction of concentration nitric acid (HNO3) with concentration sulphuric acid (H2SO4).

Formation of nitronium ion
Formation of nitronium ion

Lewis structure of Nitronium ion

First of all, you need to find the number of balance electron of (NO2+) ion.

Lets get started,

You know that,

Nitrogen (N) has 5 balance electron and

Oxygen (O) has 6 balance electron.

Now, the overall charge of NO2+ ion is +charge (NO2+). so, it reduce number of electron by (-1).

Now, the total balance electron of NO2+ ion is,

N=5, O2 = 6×2 = 12 and +charge = -1

So, 5+12-1 = 16,

These are the balance electron of NO2+ ion.

Now, By putting the electron between atoms to form chemical bonds. as shown in figure

In first figure,

oxygen have octal (8 balance electron), and nitrogen have only 4 electron.

Now, in second figure,

Take electron from outside move to make double bonds. and also take electron from another pair to make a bonds.

So, both oxygen have 8 balance electron and nitrogen have also 8 balance electron as shown in second figure.

So, Over all result is, by sharing electron from outside of oxygen to make chemical bonds easily. and results is each atoms have 8 balance electron.

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