Helo gys, welcome to “textilesgreen.in” today i am sharing information about preparation of benzene or Phenol to benzene and more.

Phenol react with Zn and then make benzene

Phenol to benzene

• Phenol is easy to convert with the presence of zn (zinc dust), with strong heating. zn dust is work as strong reducing agent during reaction. this is the simple process to convert phenol to benzene.

In other words,

C6H5-OH + Zn dust – C6H6 + Zno

In this reaction, first phenol is heating with the presence of Zn dust ( it is work as a strong Reducing agent) directly benzene is formed.

Preparation of benzene from phenol

Sodium benzoate react with NaoH then make benzene.

preparation of benzene from phenol, In this reaction, first off all Sodium benzoate is sodium hydroxide NaOH with the presence of “cao” then benzene is formed and Na2So3 is also be made.

• In this reaction, 2 Na (sodium), 3 O (oxygen) 1C (carbon) both are attached together after reaction then it made Na2SO3.

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• Phenol to benzoquinone

Phenol make benzoquinone with the presence of Na2cr2o7 and H2SO4.

• Phenol is reacted with Na2cr2o7 and H2So4 ( sulfuric acid) the it is easy to give benzoquinone.

• benzoquinone is formed by the reaction of Na2SO3 and H2SO4.

• This reaction is called Oxidation reaction.

• In this reaction, strong Oxidising agent is applied to made a benzoquinone product.

• This reaction is done with the presence of sulfuric acid (H2SO4)

• Phenol to benzene mechanism

Phenol react with zn metal and it make benzene.

• In case of benzene, Chemical formula of benzene is C6H6 and it is called m . but if OH group is attached on any point of benzene then it is called phenol. It means C6H6-OH (phenol).

• If phenol is reacted with zinc metal then Oxygen is attached with zinc metal. it means Zn +O = ZnO, in other words, Zinc oxide is made after reaction and benzene (C6H6) is obtained.

• Properties of benzene

• benzene is insoluble in water.

• benzne is totelly colourless liquid.

• density of benzene is 0.87 g/m

• benzene has a high melting point (5.5°C).

• benzene has high inflammable.

• benzene has a low boiling point (80.5°C).

• benzene is an aromatic hydrocarbon.

• Uses of benzene

• mostly used in chemical industries for preparation of different chemicals such as nitrobenzene, ethylbenzene and more.

• mostly used in dyes industries for preparation of different dyes.

• benzene is also used in textile industries.

• benzene is used to prepration of phenol.

• benzene is windly used in fibres and different tyeps of detergent.


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