What is Pigment Technic – pigment dyeing methods

pigment definition is indicates, it is one types of coloured (black and white). it is easily impart variety of colour.

Helo, reders today i am going to explain about pigment. So hold your seat and read complete article.

What is pigment?

Pigment and classification

pigment definition is expressed, A pigment is define as coloured black or white substance which is insoluble in the medium in which it is applied and imparts colour and opacity to this medium.

Classification of pigment

1. Inorganic pigment:- it is finely devided inorganic usually a stable solid which is added to vehicle to produce a stable surface coating.

2. Organic pigment:- these are whelly organic water insoluble comp. It is produce by a wind variety of chemical reaction.

Difference between inorganic and organic pigment

Difference between inorganic and organic pigment (full explanations).

Organic: – high in price and brilliant colour


1. Colour – Bright – dull

2. Light fastness – varies – excellent

3. Tinting strengths – high – varies

4. Opacity – varies – high

5. Resistance to – varied – excellent solvent bleed

6. Resistance to chemicals – varied – good

7. Ease of dispersion – varies – much easier than organic

8. Thermal stability – varies – usually higher than organic.

Dyeing of cellulosic and its blends with pigment.

Pigment dyeing

Continues dyeing with pigment colour

This process contain generally three process

1. Padding

2. Drying

3. Curing


Padding of p/c blend fabric


Pigment – x%

Binder – 80-100 gpl

Migration inhabitor – 10-20 gpl

Acid liberating catalyst – 4 gpl

Liquor pick up – 60-70%


Pigment emulsion


A.Acid (30%)

Ammonia chloride



Drying with hot fluid / drier


Curing at 150┬░ temp for 4 mint for fixation of binder on the surface of fabric.

Curing is play very important role for proper fixation of binder on the surface of fabric or materials.

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