Process of screen printing step by step

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Process of screen printing step by step

Screen printing process step by step 
In textile printing industry screen printing is easily done if you care on process of screen printing step by step according this process it easy to print on textiles fabrics. garmets will print with different types of printing methods but screen printing is very easier methods because it is easy to handle and in case of screen printing no more space is required. this machine is not more bigger campare with textile dyeing machine. and screen printing machine is not more expensive campare with textile dyeing machine. In this methods no more workers is required for printing in textile industry. and printing process is not more costly compare with yarn dyeing or fabric dyeing process.

Practically work of screen printing.

Screen printing
In case of screen printing, first off all follow on process of screen printing step by step so the first step is to be prepared a design for printing on garments or fabric.
now, make a mash screen for printing with the help of wooden frame.
prepare of photo emulsion solutions for coating on screen. and then dry in dark light.
and after dry, develop a design quickly with the help of bright light. and wash unwanted print from the screen with water.
and dry. now screen is ready for printing.


1. Screen

2. squeeze

3. photo emulsion

4. Table

5. Printing past

6. Drying m/c

According to industrial, Flow chart of screen printing


                        Step – 1

 Make a mash screen for printing
                       step – 2
Coating photo emulsion on screen
                       Step -3

Dry in dark light

step – 4

emulsion exposed

step – 5


step – 6


step – 7


step – 8



Now, here I m going to explain about all important steps for screen printing.

1. steps

Make a screen for printing

First of all, make a screen with the help of wooden frame, whatever size is required for printing. You can make a screen easily with manually. but if you want to use some machine instruments such as clamping for fitting screen on frame. Definitely you can use.
Fitting the screen in both sides of frame properly.
Now the fitting screen is ready for photo emulsion coating.

2. steps

Coating photo emulsion on screen

This is very important steps for making screen for printing.
Make a photo emulsion solutions for coating.
First of all, add some water in photo emulsion solutions and mix together properly. Its depand upon size of screen.
Now, apply photo emulsion solutions on screen with the help of squeeze or any other material.
apply photo emulsion solutions on screen with very careful or properly.

3. steps


After coating screen with photo emulsion solutions. Dry the screen properly in dark light.
You can also keep the screen infornt of fan for dry but only in dark light.

4. steps

Develop the design on screen with the help of bright light.

After complete dry the screen, add a design on screen quickly because screen is very sensitive.
After the adding the particular design on screen, add glass on back sides of design because it’s help in making proper design.
and then apply the bright light against the screen for 30 to 45 mints.

5. steps


After devloping, the design on screen. Apply light spray of water for removing unwanted colour or solutions. Because it gives not good print. If you clean with water then it’s gives good print on garments or substrate.

6. steps


After cleaning screen with water. Dry the screen properly. now screen is ready for printing.

7. steps


First of all,  prepared printing solutions or printing past for printing.
Now, prepared the items or sample, whatever you want to print and then put the items and
Apply printing past on screen and then pressed from top to bottom on the screen with the help of squeeze.
This is the proper way to print the garments or textile materials.

8. steps

Drying or curing of print items

Dry the items or garments in drying machine for few minutes.
Drying or curing is aslo required after printing because print past on garments is properly fixed with dry. In other words, dry is very necessary for fixation of printing past on garments.

Advantage of screen printing

1. Easy to handle
2. Screen printing gives great print and finish.
3. Its gives satisfied results.
4. This m/c is not required more space.
5. User friendly
6. Print on all surface.
7. Not more equipment is required for printing.
8. Print on wooden, Metal and more.
9. Print all types of design.
10. screen printing is a Short process.

Disadvantage of screen printing.

1. Screen printing is expensive process, it is depand upon design or various colours.
2. It is not taken more orders
3. Its not gives fast service for more orders.
4. It is time consuming methods.
5. It is not continuous methods.
6. More wast water.
7. in this methods, different designs is required different screen.
8. In one screen, only one design will print.
9. this method will not  work full automatically.
10. More wast water at the time of cleaning of screen.

Question and answer

1. Does screen printing is fade?

Not this is not true, because in printing past of screen printing, add thickner, binder this is the reason screen printing gives good print or bright colours.
Compared with other printing methods.

2. is screen printing or digital printing better?

Screen printing is very easier methods and it’s gives bright colour or better print. screen printing covered all type of design and it’s gives good print campare with digital printing.
I think screen printing is more better. because this method is very simple or manually campare with digital printing.

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