Helo, reders welcome to “” today I m going to explain about process of yarn dyeing and yarn dyeing process flow chart.

Textile industrial knowledge process of yarn dyeing

Here, I m going to explain about process of yarn dyeing. In textile industry, yarn is dyed with a specific method. But in case of yarn dyeing, yarn is dyed with the package form, in process of yarn dyeing

first off all, yarn is converted in to the package form and then dyed. In many textile industry follow this method for yarn dyeing. this is a one of the most important methods for yarn dyeing. and Dyed yarns are used for woven fabric, making sweaters and more.

In case of process of yarn dyeing, first off all scouring and bleaching is done. and then yarn will be dyed. and after yarn dyed materials is going to finishing department then finishing is done.


  Steps –    1           Scouring

Steps –     2         Bleaching

Steps –     3           Dyeing
Steps –     4          Hydro-extractor                                                                                            system
Steps –    5                Dry

Steps – 7              Finishing

The end

Here, I m going to explain according to yarn dyeing process flow chart.

1. Scouring:

Scouring is a very important
steps in process of yarn dyeing. and in case of process of yarn dyeing , this steps is also very important for bleaching and scouring is very useful steps and this method is help in bleaching and dyeing.

why scouring is very important steps for yarn dyeing. because yarn having natural fats, waxes, and other impurities. This is not proper for bleaching and dyeing.
Thatswhy, this process is very necessary for yarn.

so, this process of yarn dyeing is done before bleaching. this is the method of removing natural fats, waxes, or other natural impurities from the surface of yarn.

this is the very necessary steps for yarn. This method is properly gives more high wet ability for bleaching process and dyeing process also. In this methods, caustic is used as a chemical for Scouring for yarn.

Temperature should be 100 degree and time of scouring will be 40 mint. This is the simple or unique methods for scouring. and after scouring chemical will be drain and sample wash then again darin.

2. Bleaching:

After complete scouring, sample is going in bleaching department for bleaching.

In this methods, bleaching is also very important steps for process of yarn dyeing. because this process gives more brightness for yarn. This process is very helpful for dyeing.This is the second steps of process of yarn dyeing.

and all steps is very important role for yarn dyeing.
In this methods, first of all, after scouring nuterlization is done with the help of acid and then make a proper solutions for bleaching. In this methods, Peroxide chemicals is used for bleaching.

It is also work as a bleaching agent. Temp will be 60°C and time will be 30 mint for bleaching. After bleaching unwanted chemicals will be drain then sample is ready for dyeing.

3. Dyeing:

This is the third steps of yarn dyeing. in this steps dyeing is done according to selected sample. and sample is selected after bleaching for dyeing. and dyeing is done according to selected or approved sample. and then prepared to the recipe for dyeing of approved sample. and dyeing is done according to recipe.

This way yarn dyeing  is done for approved sample.
and in this methid, different parameters is required  such as, PH , temp , time or more or different parameters is properly maintained during dyeing.

After dyeing, if dyed yarn is totelly match with selected sample or approved sample then it take out from the dye bath.
and then drain.

Dyeing methods:

First of all, add salt in dyeing bath and maintain temp 60°C for 20 mint, PH – 6
and then add colour at 60°C for 20 mint.
and then add soda ash in dye bath at 60°C for 30 mint and then dyeing is done at 60°C for 60 mint. Depend upon requirement ( dark shade, madium or light shade)
Dark shade , medium shade , light shade is totelly depand upon time duration. If dyeing is done at 60°C for 60 mint then its gives dark shade because dye is panatrate more on to the yarn during dyeing.

This is the reason its gives dark shade.
If dyeing is done at 60°C for 40 mint then its gives medium shade. all parameters is necessary to maintain during dyeing.
This way dyeing is completed for approved sample.

4. Hydro-extractor system:

This. is the fourth steps of yarn dyeing.
Hydro-extractor system is also important for complete drying of yarn. In this methods water is easily removed from the surface of yarn. Because this method will help for complete dry of dyed yarn. and then dyed sample is ready for dry.

5. Dry:

Dryer machine is required for complete dry of dyed yarn. Drier machine is used for remove remaining water of the dyed yarn.
This way dyed yarn will completely dry.

6. Finishing:

After dry of the dyed sample, finsining materials is apply on to the dyed yarns.

after the finished dyed yarn, dyaed yarn is passed for checking department. In this department dyed yarn are checked by quality officer. After the passing the quality, it is ready for delivery.

This is the complete yarn dyeing process flow chart.

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