Terry towel is also be dyed in textile industry. It is same as a fabric dyeing process.

Hello, friends welcome to “textilesgreen.in” to fresh article. today i m going to explain about terry towel and towel Dyeing process. we will also discuss about Terry towel dyeing .

Terry towel

The dyeing of terry towels is mostly confined to dyeing of yarn either in hank or cheese for which are subsequently used for producing jacquard design.

At present in india the yarn meant for Terry towels are mostly dyed in reactive colour.

When no tinting of ground is expected then vat dyed yarn are used. sometime for dyeing purpose azoic and direct dye also used.

M/c used for dyeing – winch dyeing m/c

Towel Dyeing process

After treatment the fabric is ready for dyeing.

Recipe; (dyeing of terry towel)

Reactive dye – X%

Alkali – 10 gpl

G. Salt – 40 gpl

PH (a.acid) – just below 7

terry towel

First off all, inter goods in dyeing bath. after 5 mint predissolved dyes maintain (pH – 6-7). again after 10 mint add salt in three phase at 60° then after 20 mint, add alkali in dyeing bath (add in two phas 10-10 mint) and maintain temperature 80°C. then dyeing continue for 30-60 mint. then drain – wash – soap – a. acid – dry.

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