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What is turbidity?


It is measure of the extent to which light is either absorbed by suspended material in water.


In other words, it is measured of the extent to which light is either scattered by suspended materials in water.


What is Absorbed?

Diffusion of particles of gas or liquid into liquid or solid materials. this phenomenon is called absorption.

What is Scattered?

Absorb energy such as light energy and sound energy and this energy are re-emit in different directions in different intensity. this is called scattered.

Turbidity Vs Suspended Solid;

Absorption and Scattering are influenced by both size and surface characteristics of suspended materials.

Hence, it is not direct measurement of suspended solids.

For example,

One small suspended solid may not cause turbidity but it is divided in thousands of particles size, then it will create turbidity even though create mass of solids is not changed.

This test is generally carried out on drinking water as small amount of impurities can even be unhealthy.

Turbidity Measurement;

The instrument is used JACKSON is the best turbidity meter.

• first of all take one long tube and standardize candle.

• the candle is placed beneath the glass tube.

• Glass is housed in black metal box so that light from candle only can be seen.

Turbidity test Procedure;

• The turbid water sample is poured slowly into glass tube until the light candle is no longer visible.

• The glass tube is calibrated with readings for suspension of silica dioxide (SiO2). With one Jackson unit equal to it is produced by 1 mg of SiO2 in 1 liter of distilled water.

Turbidity meter

It is the instruments who provide accurate measurement of water level. it will be quickly measured the water of cloudiness of water. Something particle after measure it will be seen.

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