Xef4 polar molecules because the electronegativity is different between xe and f4. f4 has more electronegativity to xe.

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Xef4 polar Or non polar?

xef4 is a one type of formal gas in which it form a chemical bond to the other elements.

first off all, look at the Lewis structure of xef4. you can understand what kind of bond are created. It will clear with the help of Lewis structure of xef4.

xef4 polar
Lewis structure of xef4

You can see, in this molecules, the central atoms is xe and four fluoride atoms are attached with central atoms. but the overall molecules (xef4) have 36 valance electrons. because the valence electrons of both atoms is,

Xe – 8

f4 – 7(2)

valence electrons = 8 + 7(2) = 36

Valence electrons = 36.

If i m talking about electronegativity, than the electronegativity is different between xe and f4. the electronegativity of f4 is more then xe.

According to Lewis structure of this molecules, if you see carefully on Lewis structure then, the bond between xe and f4 are polar. but the over all molecules are symmetrical, so the dipole are properly cancelled. and also cancelled net dipole.

this is the reason, you can say that, the overall molecules are non polar.

Xef4 Lewis structure

You know that, xenon has 8 valence electrons but fluoride has 7. (Four time fluoride)

Xef4 Lewis structure

but in this structure, we have four of fluorides.

So, xe – 8

f4 – 7(4) – 28

So you can write, for total valence electrons

Xec4 = 8 + 7(4)

= 36.

the total valence electrons of xef4 is 36.

The overall structure of xef4, have 32 but that gives extra four more valence electrons in overall structure.

You know that, xenon is a central atoms and fluoride on the outside in the molecules.

First, add the two between atoms to make a chemical bonds and then put the fluoride.

We have, 8,10,12,14……32.

we have 32 valence electrons and it’s gives us four extra valence electrons. So, xenon has more then eight valence electrons.

by adding four extra valence electrons in xenon.

fluoride has more electronegativity, due to this, it is not make double bond in this molecules.

If look the overall Lewis structure of xef4 we can get everything has completely octets, but xenon has more then octets. due to this the Lewis structure of xenon are complete.

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