Preparation of Zinc Sulphate? Zinc Sulphate Reaction, FAQ

Znso4 is an organic Compound with the chemical formula znso4 and compound name is an zinc sulphate.

zinc sulphate are prepared by reaction between zinc and sulphuric acid after reaction it given zinc sulphate as a product.

In this article, we will discuss about preparation of zinc sulphate, zinc sulphate reaction, also reaction between zinc and strong acid sulphuric acid. it is given zinc sulphate as a product.

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What is ZnSO4?

Zinc sulphate is an organic compound with chemical formula Znso4. You know that, zinc sulphate is a one type of supplement is called dietary supplement.

Zinc sulphate look like a odourless and it has white power appearance. it is non combustible. it is soluble in water. it is windly used for the treatment of zinc deficiency.

Structure of Zinc sulphate;

Zinc sulphate structure

Properties of Zinc Sulphate

Formula – Znso4

Name – zinc sulphate

Molecular weight/Molar mass – 161.47 g/mol

Density – 3.54 C/cm3

Melting point – 680°C

Boiling point – 740°C

Classification – inorganic compound, sulfate

Preparation of zinc sulphate (Znso4),

zn + h2so4

You know that, when zinc react with sulphuric acid (dil) then it is given zinc sulfate and hydrogen is removed. the reaction is as below;

Zn + H2SO4 – ZnSO4 + H2

Zinc + Sulphuric – Zinc Sulphate + Hydrogen

Zinc sulphate reaction

Zn h2so4



Zn = zinc

H2SO4 = sulphuric acid (dil)

After reaction zinc and so4 is add together and it is given (zinc sulphate) (aq) as a product.

In this reaction, hydrogen gas is removed because zinc does librate hydrogen gas when zinc react with dil sulphuric acid.


ZnSO4 – zinc sulfate(aq) (product)

H2 – hydrogen (gas)

Molar Mass of znso4?

We know that,

the chemical name is zinc sulphate.

[Determine the molecular mass of znso4 = atomic mass of zn = 65 s = 32 o = 16u]

Molar mass of znso4 = atomic mass of zn + atomic mass of S + 4× atomic mass of O.


65u + 32u + 4× 16

65u + 32u + 64u


Thus, the molecular mass of zinc sulphate equal to 161u

na2s + znso4

First off all, You know that what is the chemical name of na2s?

the chemical name of na2s is sodium sulfide.

Sodium sulfide is a chemical compound with the formula na2s. It is colourless solid and properly soluble in water.

When the sodium sulfide react with zinc sulphate then the reaction then write the blance equation of sodium sulfide with zinc sulphate?

Znso4 + na2s – zns + Na2so4


write the state (s, liquid, gas) for each substance.

Znso4 (aq) + na2s (aq) – zns (l) + Na2so4 (aq)

Zn (2+) aq + S (2-) aq = ZnS (s)

When the sodium sulfide react with zinc sulphate then zns and Na2so4 is formed as a product.

So, the final product is Zns and Na2so4.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is Znso4 colour?

Zinc sulphate is white (white power) in colour. It is used in powder form. If you mixed in solution it is ocur colouless.

2. What is the main disadvantage of zinc sulphate?

the main disadvantage of zinc sulphate is, if it exposure by skin contact can damage the skin leading to ulser.

3. is znso4 soluble?

Yes, Zinc sulphate is Soluble, it is soluble in water.

4. What is uses of zinc sulphate in textile?

The main uses of Zinc sulphate as a mordant for dyeing of textile goods.

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